OAHP Committees

Education Committee:

The OAHP Education Committee develops and organizes educational programs, including the Annual Convention and Trade show, assists members in matters of mutual business and professional concerns and assists staff of members in obtaining required continuing education.

Government Programs:

The OAHP Government Programs Committee is designed especially for those OAHP members who participate in Ohio’s Medicaid or MyCare programs.  Members meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues facing member plans which serve government programs populations and OAHP serves as a liaison between the plans and ODM officials.  The committee allows members the ability to pool resources to hire experts to help develop technical documents to support health plan positions that individual plans alone could not afford to produce.  OAHP also engages the help of an expert actuary to review and work with the state to ensure reimbursement rates for the program are actuarially sound.

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee:

The OAHP Legislative and Regulatory Committee provides up-to-date information on proposed new laws and regulations. OAHP works extensively with lawmakers and regulators to promote and advocate for quality health care and access to a variety of affordable health care benefits for all consumers in Ohio and promote public policy that will sustain, improve and strengthen Ohio’s health insurance market.

The OAHP Legislative and Regulatory Committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss pending legislation or regulations which may affect the operations of health plans in Ohio.

The OAHP staff also works closely with the Ohio Department of Insurance and the Ohio Department of Medicaid, coordinating and providing comments on behalf of member health plans on a wide variety of draft policies. To help foster an ongoing relationship with the regulatory agencies and address areas of interest to member companies, the OAHP Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee serves as a resource to policymakers.

Medical Directors Council:

The OAHP Medical Directors Council is made up of Medical Directors from health plans that come together to discuss best medical practices and provide feedback on proposed issues from a medical prospective.

Strategic Communications Committee:

The OAHP Strategic Communications Committee develops and employs strategic communication initiatives with the legislature, media, employers and consumers that enhance the visibility, increase the understanding and communicate the benefits of health plans to affect positively the image of the health plan industry.