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Don’t Be Left Behind: Get Involved in Your Company’s Future By Joining OAHP

As a member of the Ohio Association of Health Plans, your company will keep on top of issues that directly impact your bottom line! This will allow you to take appropriate steps to prevent getting blindsided by unnecessary regulations and know up-to-the minute changes taking place in the health care industry.

Below is a list of just some of the value your company will receive:

Legislative and Regulatory Activity

One of the greatest values OAHP provides for its members is up-to-date information on proposed new laws and regulations. We work extensively with lawmakers and regulators to promote and advocate for quality health care and access to a variety of affordable health care benefits for all consumers in Ohio.

The diligence of our staff over the past several years has helped promote public policy that will sustain, improve and strengthen Ohio’s health insurance market.

The OAHP Legislative and Regulatory Committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss pending legislation or regulations which may affect the operations of health plans in Ohio.

The OAHP staff also works closely with the Ohio Department of Insurance and the Ohio Department of Medicaid, coordinating and providing comments on behalf of member health plans on a wide variety of draft policies. To help foster an ongoing relationship with the regulatory agencies and address areas of interest to member companies, the OAHP Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee serves as a resource to policymakers.

Government Programs

The OAHP Government Programs Committee is designed especially for those OAHP members who participate in Ohio’s Medicaid or MyCare programs. Members meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues facing member plans which serve government programs populations and OAHP serves as a liaison between the plans and ODM officials. The committee allows members the ability to pool resources to hire experts to help develop technical documents to support health plan positions that individual plans alone could not afford to produce.  OAHP also engages the help of an expert actuary to review and work with the state to ensure reimbursement rates for the program are actuarially sound.

Medical Directors

The OAHP Medical Directors Council is made up of Medical Directors from health plans that come together to discuss best medical practices and provide feedback on proposed issues from a medical prospective.

Latest Health Care News

OAHP keeps members up to date on the daily health care news articles found in newspapers around the state and the country and provides a briefing on the top legislative/regulatory issue of the day when the Ohio General Assembly is in session. Members receive daily e-mail messages highlighting the top issues with links to the daily newspaper articles. This quick service allows members to quickly scan the day’s headlines and determine the stories for further reading. The legislative update keeps government affairs and the health executives up-to-date on the bills that are being heard, witnesses that testify, and prepares them to act quickly when an issue may arise.

Pinnacle Awards Program

OAHP members get the opportunity to publicize their best programs and initiatives at the annual OAHP Pinnacle Award Program for Best Practices. Members participate by submitting their application for its best practice. Winners and awards are announced during the OAHP Annual Convention. This is a chance for Health Plans to showcase their best practices in providing exemplary care and service for their members.

Educational Programs

OAHP sponsors educational seminars that provide valuable up-to-date information about national and regional trends, policy implementation, and best practices. Education programs offer continuing education credit for a variety of health plan professionals, including physicians, nurses, lawyers, accountants and insurance agents. Health plans are encouraged to bring along their top employer clients.

Annual Convention & Trade Show

OAHP’s Annual Convention and Trade Show offers members the opportunity to hear recognized authorities share best practices for collaborative initiatives and innovative partnerships.  The convention features an ample trade show area where members and participants can find the latest products and best service innovations in the health care field. Our legislative reception is held in conjunction with our convention and provides interaction with Ohio’s policy makers to educate them on the important role you play in Ohio’s health care system.  All members of Ohio’s General Assembly are invited to attend.

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Research and Communication Services

OAHP members receive a number of communiques throughout the year on current issues via legislative updates, electronic updates and bulletins, issue and briefing papers. We also have a network to obtain feedback on a wide variety of issues that member plans have in common. OAHP staff is available to help answer any questions from member plans and provides research on a variety of issues.

Additionally, OAHP is a key resource for media calls on a variety of topics dealing with health insurance, and helps promote the value brought to Ohio by the health plan industry.

Interaction with other Company Staff and Executives

OAHP provides numerous opportunities for interaction among the chief officers of member companies through the quarterly delegates’ meetings. This provides an opportunity to discuss mutual issues of concern and create a unified stance on a number of legislative, regulatory, and communication issues.  OAHP also provides opportunities for members to serve on a variety of OAHP committees to network and share ideas that help educate and improve the health care system.

OAHP Website

OAHP provides maximized exposure on the OAHP website to members. This allows your company’s website that is linked on ours to be easily accessible for those who have inquires or want to learn more about your company. Our website also provides extensive information on legislative and regulatory issues for you to preview.

For additional information about OAHP, contact our office at (614) 228-4662 or electronically at