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Types of Membership

OAHP has a number of membership categories to accommodate licensed health plans; plans in the process of being licensed by the state; and other organizations or individuals supporting the principles of managed care. The Board of Directors determines the membership status of all applicants.

Membership categories and their descriptions follow. Click here for a membership application.

Health Plans

Health care entities that provide comprehensive health care benefits and bear risk either directly or indirectly.

Affiliate Members

Organizations that provide at least primary care benefits or provide for or arrange for the provision of a single health benefit.

Supporting Members

Corporations, partnerships, associations or other institutions or organizations which support the purpose of this Association and that:

  1. Provide a product or service of interest to licensed health plans, and
  2. Do not hold a certificate of authority in Ohio from the Ohio Department of Insurance.

For more information about becoming a member, click here for an application.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail us, or call 614/228-4662.